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Kingsnake update!

So after reading The Art of Keeping Snakes I switched both my Mexican Black Kingsnake, River and my Goini Kingsnake, Deadpool over to Bio Active Substrate. The stuff looks great, and they’re both on full lockdown for a week to acclimate. It’s been about 24 hours since the switch and I’ve already noted some behavioral changes.

River has gone back to testing her enclosure, but she’s been out for at least an hour more than usual and is climbing on everything, something she hasn’t done in months. 

Deadpool has actually taken to burrowing beneath it, his substrate is much deeper and I may actually change this some. He did come up to the surface late last night and we’ll see if this repeats, but I haven’t seen much of him all day, just his tunnels and maybe a glimpse of his scales as he gets close to the glass

— 1 year ago
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